Why Document Systems and Processes?

Secure Your Systems

Within a small business, employees often help develop systems and processes, ultimately holding important information about how certain functions are performed, when they leave, they take that knowledge with them. In many cases the employee does not provide a complete handover, or document all functions they perform in the business which can result in operational gaps.

Operational Efficiency

To achieve operational efficiency within an organisation, there must be a consistent methodology in place to perform the core functions within the business. Verbal instructions given to employees can tend to vary slightly each time which can cause inconsistencies in how a task is interpreted or performed, ultimately resulting in varied outcomes.

Seamless Inducting

When employees leave a business and take valuable knowledge on how certain functions within their role are performed efficiently, this can mean a slower training and induction period for new employees, often with important elements of a process being missed or performed incorrectly, which can be costly, affect productivity and frustrate customers.

Stepping Back

To enable most business owners to step back from the day-to-day running of the organisation without impacting the operational and financial performance, it is imperative that employees and managers are following all administration and operational functions correctly, and that all reporting processes are in place to enable the owner to monitor this.

Exit Strategy

A prospective buyer of any business will want to see that the mechanics of the business are in place, documented, and easily understood. A business lacking documented systems may present as more of a risk for a potential buyer and devalue the company.

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Fluid Business Management Software


Your Online Business Environment

The Fluid Business Management Software provides a cloud-based solution for small businesses and franchises to run their business from. Owners have full control over employee access to different zones and documentation, preventing IP leakage and process corruption. Features include;

  • CRM
  • Team Calendars
  • Chat / Message platform
  • Different team zones and access
  • Digitized forms and reports
  • File storage
  • Task manager


Set up and assign different team zones within your Fluid environment, limiting employee access to information and documentation relating specifically to their role and responsibilities.


Documentation for the various areas of your business operations are categorised and stored in one online location enabling business owners to have full access to all information, and avoid modified copies and corruption to operating standards.


    Our team will digitise all internal forms and processes to streamline administration and operational functions.


    Keep all customer information in one place and up to date across all departments.


    With internal communication platforms, shared calendars and team messaging, task assignment has never been simpler. 

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    Integrated Support

    Included in our standard monthly licence is ongoing support across the following areas:

    • Document updates when legislation / regulations change
    • Development of additional policies and processes to reflect changes in the business
    • Six monthly process reviews to identify and make changes to existing documentation
    • Ongoing site support

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